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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The woman I want to be. The woman I am

Sometimes I wish the thoughts that go through my head wouldn't go through my head.
Sometimes I wish that the things that cause me to sigh in exasperation wouldn't irritate me so.
Sometimes I wish I could capture a moment just a little longer to find a way to appreciate it.
Sometimes I wish I were just a little more patient, just a little more gracious, just a little more creative, just a little more thankful.

And then I find grace.

For it is in these areas of weakness that God proves Himself to be God and His strength is perfected.
It is in these areas of frailty that God proves Himself to be Kind, and speaks peace, patience and perseverance.

And I notice that my thoughts change.
And I notice that I haven't sighed so much this afternoon.
And I notice things inside of moments that I dwell on just a little longer.
And I am thankful.

And I realize that the woman I am is the woman I'm becoming is the woman I've always wanted to be. Frail, weak, dependent fingers intertwining with those of the One who made them and purifies them and speaks might.

Father, I am weak and I need You to see me, hold me, love me, strengthen me.
For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blessed Be the name of the Lord

A night awake in prayer. Two sets of friends discovering God in life.

One family in the immeasurable excitement of meeting two new daughters in a far off country for the first time...Daughters waited for, prayed for, cried for and cherished long before this meeting.

One family experiencing the pain of childbirth for the first time, awaiting the birth of a little son who has already gone to be with his Abba in eternity...a son waited for, prayed for, cried for and cherished long before this meeting.

And they discovered God in life. The One who gives and the One who takes away. The One whose voice they know, who leads them beside still waters, and knows their every thought.

Refuge, Shelter, Life Giver, Abba. Blessed be the name of the Lord.